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CAB USB 12/24V cigar adapter m. 5V/1200mA USB udtag 63555
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CAB USB 12/24V cigar adapter m. 5V/1200mA USB udtag 63555


USB Charger
car adaptor 12V/24V - USB (1200mA)

The Micro Charging Adaptor!
This special small-sized charging adaptor can fit
easily into the console of your car & safely plugged
into the car lighter socket. With the special design
on the opening bow, you can unplug the adaptor

It is perfect for charging all kinds of devices with
USB like Mobile phones, MP3-players with an integrated
battery pack.

Devices like Blackberry, iPod and iPhones are also
supported by that Power-adaptor.

- charge function by 12 V/ DC
- status LED

The USB car adapter is the smallest existing design
on the car accessories market. It is the result of high
electronic integration and new mechanical design
focusing aesthetic needs for today's automotive
Easy to place and remove via the integrated rotating
metallic handle, the delicate alliance of materials
induces a luxury feeling.
The USB car adapter slim form factor permits
a discrete integration inside dashboard or rear cigar
lighter sockets.
The USB car adapter can supply every kind of USB
compliant device up to 500mA.
A green LED indicates the active state.

Charge you Device with USB easily in your car.
This charger/power-supply is the best choice
to charge devices with an integrated battery
pack. It is possible to charge mobilephones,
MP3-players, PDA if they can be charged by
an USB port. Obviously you can charge also other
devices if they have a USB-port.

input voltage 12-24 V
output voltage 5 V
max. current 1200 mA
lenght 42 cm
diameter 32 mm
lenght 42 mm
color black
weight 15 g


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