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JBL GTO8628 6x8" 2 vejs 180w
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JBL GTO8628 6x8" 2 vejs 180w

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JBL GTO8628 6x8" Two-Way Loudspeaker with Plus One® Woofer Cone and 1" edge-driven My-Ti™ Tweeter. the GTO8628 is the perfect upgrade for factroy locations and provides great Bass and silky smooth high Frequency performance.

Plus One® (patent pending) woofer cones – The GTO8628 has a cone with more surface area than that found on competing models of the same size. The benefits of Plus One cones are greater efficiency and bass output.

My-Ti™ (Mylar®/titanium composite) tweeters – Stiff and light, and extremely efficient, the new JBL® My-Ti tweeters deliver the high-frequency extension of titanium domes and the damping of composite diaphragms. These are not commonly used w-domes, but full edge-driven domes like those found in higher quality home audio speakers. The benefits are increased power handling, reduced distortion and increased efficiency. This technology also allows for better integration with the mid/woofer.

Unipoint™ rotating tweeter pod – Allows the tweeter to rotate 350 degrees for optimal imaging. The GTO8628 also includes a tweeter-level control for easy adjustment of tweeter output, even after installation.

True Four Ohm – GTO Series speakers can be safely driven by any head unit.



Størrelse: 6x8 SpeakerSetup: 2-Vejs
TypeofSystem: Coaxial Impedans: 2Ω
Belastning,RMS: 60W Belastning,Peak: 180W
Følsomhed: 92dB Frekvensområde: 50Hz–21kHz
Indbygningsdybde: 59mm Delefilter type: Indbygget
UniPivotTM Roterende tweeter: Ja Tweeter-Niveau Kontrol: Ja

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Denne vare er oprettet torsdag 27 august, 2009.
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