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JBL GT5-1204BR Basrefleks subkasse 12" sub 275Wrms (1100Wmax)
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JBL GT5-1204BR Basrefleks subkasse m/ 12" sub 275Wrms (1100Wmax)



No one has as much experience designing and building subwoofer enclosures as JBL, Inc. Our speaker enclosures have traveled thousands of miles, touring with some of the world's top bands, and have filled stadiums, auditoriums and local clubs with rockin' bass for half a century. Our car audio subwoofer enclosures, which are built to the same exacting standards as our professional boxes, are designed to be rugged and sound great. GT5 enclosures feature 3/4" medium-density-fiberboard (MDF) construction, high-quality binding-post terminals and GT5 woofers. GT5 enclosures are available in single- or dual-band-pass configurations. And, unlike so many one-note-wonder enclosed subwoofers, GT5 enclosures feature a wide-bandwidth design, which provides more output between 20Hz and 40Hz, and ensures you get all the bass you've paid for.

The JBL® GT5-1204BR provides superior performance compared to that of competing loaded enclosures, primarily because of its revolutionary Slipstream port, which provides lots of surface area outside the box so that the air stays stuck together – our engineers have named it the Adverse Pressure Gradient.™ This gradual change from high pressure to low pressure eliminates the audible distortion called “whacking." Because the area of the port in the middle is much smaller than the mouth of the port, the port can be MUCH shorter than a cylindrical port with a surface area the same as the Slipstream port's mouth; this means it can fit into regular boxes. Stickiness outside the box is maximized by increasing pressure, and stickiness inside the port is minimized by reducing velocity. The benefit of this proprietary technology is more bass output with greatly reduced port noise and distortion.

Aluminum die-cast grille – Looks great and offers a high level of woofer-cone protection.

Powerful bass – Perfectly tuned to the in-car environment, this box is optimized for tight and precise bass response.


Størrelse: 300mm System: Bassrefleks
Impedans: 4 Ω Belastning (max): 1100W
Belastning (RMS): 275W

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Denne vare er oprettet søndag 12 juli, 2009.
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